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Effective investigations comprise more art than science


The senior management team of Cerberus combines 90 + years of extensive expertise and experience in local, national and international federal and state law enforcement agencies and global corporate security, including New Scotland Yard...

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Our company’s mission is to craft for each client a unique security plan using an holistic approach— addressing the client’s concerns by analyzing every aspect of the client’s lifestyle, assessing risk and demands of business, travel and special events to the intimate details...


Our corporate clientele seek to ensure an atmosphere of stability and well being for their employees and customers in the transaction of business. In a corporate environment where change is constant and often profound, businesses are vulnerable to breaches of security...

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International Executive Protection

Threats to physical security arise today in varied and unexpected ways, from opportunistic street crime, stalkers and targeted kidnapping and extortion, to medical emergencies, accidents and natural disasters. We know our clients require their service provider to get it. At Cerberus we understand the need to combine best practices in executive protection with the art of blending protective strategies to support our client’s culture, lifestyle and goals. Collaboration and building relationships are key components of the value we provide to our clients. Our protection team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in counter-terrorism and executive protection, working on behalf of government figures foreign and domestic, royalty, leaders in business, and world-renowned entertainers. We proudly part of:


Cargo & Supply Chain Security

Cerberus combines our experience, staff and infrastructure to provide world-class security support and services to keep your domestic and international cargo and supply chain safe - anywhere, anytime. We provide organizations with integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses to protect their employees and help their business function more efficiently.

We proudly part of:

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Industry Events Participation

Working closely with individuals or corporations in the security Industry, Cerberus partners are active volunteering leaders in security events promoting the security culture. We have an extensive network of professionals which are part of our events and also participate as delegates, speakers or sponsors. If your company is planning an event or want to sponsor one, or one of your leader executives like to participate as delegate or speaker in a security forum please let us know!


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