Our corporate clientele seek to ensure an atmosphere of stability and well being for their employees and customers in the transaction of business. In a corporate environment where change is constant and often profound, businesses are vulnerable to breaches of security – from within and from without – that put at risk their viability as well as the safety of their employees. Cerberus designs its security plan based on a thorough understanding of the nature of the business, how it functions, and how to meet its evolving needs and any extraordinary challenges it might face.

Cerberus will provide:

Intelligence & predictive analytics
Training and mentoring of staff to increase their security awareness
Provide remote security advice and assistance 24/7

An all-inclusive customer care program*

Major Security networking and webinar events that keep you abreast of best industry standards As with our corporate clients, our procedures for private individuals effectively eliminate an individual’s sense of vulnerability – all without obstructing the daily routine or the confidential nature of the client’s professional and/or private life. We employ superior yet highly practical policies and methods to confront these risks. Our goal is not to confine but to free the client, by renewing the client’s sense of confidence and safety. Cerberus is redefining the role of security both at the corporate and personal level, in a busy world where success and safety are increasingly at risk.